Big Bang-konferencen

Helene Friis Ratner: The educational dimension in the debate about AI and teaching is important

Generative AI in an educational perspective entails both opportunities and risks.

Big Bang-konferencen

Understanding technology has become an elective subject in elementary school, and while developments in technology do not normally lead to major discussions in the world of education, this is precisely the case after OpenAI made ChatGPT available in November 2022.

Helene Friis Ratner, associate professor at DPU, Aarhus University, dives into the risks and opportunities at the Big Bang conference.

“Imagine if the school could train students to reflect on what generative AI does to their own learning. If you can feel it: When do I get lazy? When do I get curious? When do I become uncritical? When do I become more critical? If we can have these reflections, which are also some meta-competences in relation to how we live with technology, then we have come a long way.”