New report from the Danish Agency for Digitisation on data ethics in Danish companies

In addition to the interesting results, this year's report is distinguished by the use of ChatGPT-4 to review a total of 1,882 annual reports from…

In June, the Danish Agency for Digitisation released a new report highlighting how Danish companies approach data ethics. In 2021, it became legally mandatory for large companies to include a data ethics statement in their annual reports. The Agency for Digitisation has examined these annual reports to understand how companies address the area of data ethics.

The new report reveals, among other things, that most (84%) large Danish companies have considered data ethics in 2023. It also shows that half (51%) of large companies in 2023 have a data ethics policy. The proportion of companies with a data ethics policy has remained unchanged since 2022, when 50% of large companies had a data ethics policy.