Algoritms, data & democracy

The ADD-project

The project aims to make digital developments work for democratic legitimacy and societal trust. We do so through research, enhanced public understanding of technologies, policy recommendations, and dialogue.

Engagement, enlightenment, empowerment

Digital technologies are becoming ubiquitous within public as well as personal domains, but what does digitalization do for us and to us? Can we trust algorithmic decisions? When recommendations and decisions are based on big data and machine learning algorithms, we can be sure of their precisions, but not of their ethics and neutrality. How, exactly, do algorithms reach their conclusions?

The ADD-project combines research, outreach, and knowledge brokerage to answer these and related questions, engaging citizens and other relevant stakeholders in key debates to raise awareness and knowledge. When we understand the technological developments, we become empowered to make them work for us. The project runs for 10 years (2021-2031) and is generously funded by the Villum and Velux Foundations.

The foundations

VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN are non-profit foundations supporting research and environmental, social, and cultural projects in Denmark and abroad. In 2020, they supported projects worth DKK 1.1 billion.

 The foundations were established in 1971 and 1981 respectively by civil engineer Villum Kann Rasmussen – the founder of i.a. VELUX A/S and other companies in VKR Group with the purpose of improving the indoor environment by bringing in daylight and fresh air. VILLUM FONDEN is the main shareholder of the VKR Group. 

You can read more about the foundations on their website.

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