Jacob Ehrbahn, Politiken

Researcher: Do the media undermine themselves when dreaming of personalized news sites?

Jannie Møller Hartley, a researcher from Roskilde University, presents insights from the DataPublics project.

Jacob Ehrbahn, Politiken

“Instead of the journalist assessing what is in the common interest to know about, so we can weigh the pros and cons, algorithms can go directly to personal interest. We can build algorithms to calculate the common good without involving the media as intermediaries. But do we as a society think this is a good idea?” That’s the question researcher Jannie Møller Hartley from RUC, affiliated with the DataPublics project, asks.

The article is the second in a series about data, democracy, and the digital public sphere, exploring the thought experiment of ‘algocracy’, where algorithms are part of how we conduct democracy.

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