Søren Kjeldgaard

Read key points from the conference ‘The Data-Driven Welfare State 2’

On Thursday, April 18, there was a conference on how digitization of the public sector affects values, ideals, and institutions in the Danish welfare state.

Søren Kjeldgaard

The conference was organized by Cecilie Eriksen (AIAS-SHAPE fellow, AU) and Helene Friis Ratner (associate professor at AU, ADD) in collaboration between SHAPE, the Data Ethics Council, and the ADD-project.

The three key points from the conference were:

1# In the digitized state, all citizens are digitally vulnerable.

2# Digitization and the focus on data usage create changes in the value landscape of the welfare state.

3# Digitization and the desire to use data lead to power shifts in Danish society, affecting both the rule of law and democracy.