ADD project contributes to a new campaign for cybersecurity awareness among Danish SMEs

In a new mini-campaign on LinkedIn, the Danish Agency for Digitisation focuses on dilemmas that small and medium-sized Danish businesses experience in relation to cybersecurity.

While previous campaigns emphasized tips that businesses should follow, this new communication starts from the practical circumstances and conditions of the companies. The list of dilemmas is based on an extensive ethnographic study conducted by ADD researchers from TANTlab in 2022.

The ADD project’s research has uncovered a number of everyday dilemmas that characterize the experience of digital security in many Danish SMEs. For example, the studies show that a common dilemma with external IT suppliers is that they have in-depth knowledge of the IT systems they provide but lack comprehensive knowledge of the entire company due to serving many different clients. This can be challenging when multiple IT systems within the company need to be integrated and communicate effectively. You can view an example of the mini-campaign via the link here or learn more about the insights from TANTlab’s studies in the ADD webinar featuring Torben Elgaard Jensen from the ADD project and Eva Roland from the Danish Agency for Digitisation at the link below.