Research seminar: How do we maintain hope?

The ADD-project hosted a seminar with Åsa Wettergren, professor of emotional sociology at Gothenburg University.

The seminar took place at Roskilde University 8th of February and discussed the sociological question of how we can maintain hope, even when the future seems dire.

Professor Wettergren researches the role of emotions in bureaucratic organizations, protest movements, and in migration. She has authored and edited a number of books, including Emotionalizing Organizations and Organizing Emotions (Palgrave 2010), Emotionssociologi (Gleerups 2013), Climate Action in a Globalizing World (Palgrave 2017), Emotions in Court – A Sociological Perspective (Routledge 2019). Further, she is the editor in chief of the journal Emotions and Society, published by Bristol University Press.

When: Tuesday 8th of March, 1-3 PM
Where: Roskilde University, room 42.3-15